Leaving 509 Grant..Going to???

Big news. The lease is up. With a heavy heart, I'm deciding to leave the space. It is simply not cost-effective and I'm not able to spend as much time in it as I would like. I was fortunate to break even for most of the year, but the utilities for that old building were just way out of my price range. The Beehive was lucky to have a sub-leaser the last few months. The last couple weeks I've moved all the art supplies and furniture to my home. Now my garage is full of tables and chairs! They are just waiting for the right place and space to be useful to the community. 

I am not giving up the business itself, and will continue to post projects, exhibitions, and opportunities that involve collaboration and the wider community. Meanwhile, I will also be posting at my personal blog about other projects and observations: http://josiemai.blogspot.com/

I am taking the time to consider the best next move. I'm wondering if I can establish the Beehive in the art department on campus, forging a partnership between the public and MSSU. I think that could be fruitful, and centrally located. I could continue to offer workshops and summer camps at times when my classroom is not being used for university students. Or perhaps partnering with Spiva Center for the Arts, who has already been so supportive of my art education initiatives. I'm excited for the next phase, and I am thankful for those of you who have participated in forging this small but mighty idea.

Please continue to support local arts endeavors and businesses with your money and time. It is vital to our quality of life in Southwest Missouri. Thanks!

2013 MAEA District 9 (K-12) Art Show

Joplin, Monett, Carthage, Webb City, Neosho, Carl Junction, Diamond school districts represented. Shots are of the opening reception. Collaborative work is a Robert Delaunay piece by participating art teacher and my 3 and 5 year-old nephew.  Thanks to all who participated. It was a huge hit!

KPRS Interview

I was honored to be on the panel that chose the Mount Vernon Arts Council as best arts organization in the state of Missouri. I was interviewed in the following story. Go ARTS!


Sightlines at Spiva: 2013 Third Grade Visit

Each year I design a gallery guide, take-home project, and collaborative project for 1200 area third graders who visit the art center in February. I recruit over 100 volunteer hours, as well. Whew. It is a huge endeavor, a gem of teamwork I am proud to be a part of. Fingers crossed. The kids descend starting this week. More photos to come..

Shaun Conroy, Spiva staff, welcomes two classses of Cecil Floyd Elementary students.
Upstairs in the classroom, students roll a die to determine how to draw their silly creatures.
1200 students each draw what hope looks like onto a fabric square. Squares will be quilted, shipped, and auctioned off to benefit families of Hurricane Sandy and local Joplin groups.

MSSU/MLK Portrait of a Dream

Second year of designing a campus-wide public art project. Huge honor.
More found here: http://www.mssu.edu/resource-center/martin-luther-king/portrait-of-a-dream.php 

Dr. Al Cade was given a quilt made by Dr. Gloria Faine during the MLK Breakfast. He is so deserving. I've been lucky to work with him in the Teacher Education program. It has been quite a collaboration over the years.

Volunteers received this cool tag.

  Student volunteers wandered around campus asking fellow students and faculty to draw a quick self-portrait. They were then photographed with a smart phone, texted to the webmaster, who then posted them in an accumulating slideshow on the university website for the world to see.

Nellie Mitchell

Fantastic spread in Crossroads magazine, an MSSU Alumni publication. Nellie Mitchell, local art teacher and Missouri Art Teacher of the Year. Colleague and friend who understands the power of collaborative art with kids. Go Nellie!